Mon. May 20th, 2024

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With a new game comes new changes, and this can be seen in Diablo 4’s recent introduction of three (3) new character stats within the game!


As we already know, in-game character stats are the foundations for any item builds and gear setups in all ARPGs to date.


That is why the news of three (3) new stats that are going to be introduced in Diablo 4 is one that has certainly stirred up discussions amongst the most dedicated of fan bases for the game!


However, judging by the timing and explanations given, it would certainly seem that these new character stats are added in preparation for more challenging monsters and Bosses to be introduced within the game once it launches sometime in the future, which should be good news for all!


If you are wondering what those three (3) in-game stats are, take a look below:


  • Angelic Power
    • As the name implies, the Angelic Power stat will assist in increasing beneficial buffs on your character, making this an ideal stat to keep an eye on.


  • Demonic Power
    • A negative modifier, Demonic Power increases actual debuff durations instead, making things harder for you while you struggle to stay on your feet against enemies.


  • Ancestral Power
    • Ancestral Power improves your odds of striking on-hit effects upon your enemies, making your attacks more lethal and brutal!


These new ‘Powers’ could obviously mean that weapons and equipment mechanics have been rejigged to accommodate a brand new system within the game.


If that’s the case, that players should probably be hyped for it when the game finally reveals everything about itself as time flies by!


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