Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Buy MUT 22 coins from U7buygames so you can enjoy the Harvest event! The Madden NFL 22 Harvest Event is here.

This is part I of the program. We will have one more part. Part II will most likely follow next week. The event features a special collection of items, sets, objectives, and dynamic Gameday All-Stars cards. If you don’t have enough Madden 22 coins, you can always obtain them from U7buygames!


Madden NFL 22 Harvest Part I Activities

The Harvest selection contains items whose OVRs range from 80 to 95. Sean Chandler, Eric Wilson, Frank Ragnow, and Chase Young are just a few of the Harvest players.

The Harvest program has sets that allow participants to get the Harvest collection. The requirements for the sets differ based on the player obtained as a reward. The Gameday All-Stars is another Harvest collection.

These are the players that will take part in matches on Thanksgiving Day. There are six items and all of them have 91 OVR. These items are obtained from sets. Each item has two objectives. An objective boosts the player’s OVR by one.

This means that you can upgrade the items to 93 OVR if you complete both objectives for each player. Turkey Bowl Leaders are another type of Madden NFL 22 Harvest cards.

They are obtained as rewards. You will get the cards when you acquire 100 stars in the Turkey Bowl Shenanigans challenges. Alternatively, you can get them for 25 House Rules wins. For now, we have two Turkey Bowl Leaders.

The Power Up cards for these players can also be obtained. During the Harvest event, players will get Harvest vouchers. They are rewards from event objectives, House Rules, and Family Festivities challenges. The vouchers are exchanged for various types of event cards and packs. Turkey Bowl Shenanigans are challenges that award MUT 22 coins and event players. The Parade set includes 30 challenges, 150 stars, and 21,000 coins.

Rewards are obtained at specific milestones. Family Festivities include a series of challenges. We have the Backyard Games that have 20 challenges, 60 stars, and 6,000 MUT 22 coins. Daily Fixins represent daily challenges that allow players to get coins and event player items.


The event has objectives through which players get XP, coins, and vouchers.

To complete the objectives, players will need to obtain stars and such. The store has special packs and deals during the Harvest event.