Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Ever since the Winter Convergence event was introduced since December 2021, a hefty selection of new and exclusive armours and weapons have made their way into the game, and today’s article will highlight one of the best weapons that you are still able to redeem today – the Fire Staff, ‘Sizzling Snow’!

There are already plenty of god-tier weapons in New World, but if you are looking for a new special Fire Staff to add to your collection, then the Winter Convergence’s ‘Sizzling Snow’ is right up your alley!

Covered entirely in ice, ‘Sizzling Snow’ is definitely not seen as a Fire-damage weapon but this only adds to its appeal due to its mysterious properties.

‘Sizzling Snow’ boasts tremendous stats such as:

Sizzling Snow (Tier V, Epic)

oGear Score: 520
oDamage (Fire): 143
oCritical Hit Chance: 4%
oCritical Damage Multiplier: 1.25
oStamina Damage against Block: 26
oBlocking Stability: 15%
+25 Intelligence
Basic attacks trigger an ‘Ice Chain’ that bounces between enemies in close proximity (2-second cooldown)
1 Empty Gem Socket
+2% Chance of finding Rare Items from Chests and Monsters

In order to obtain the Fire Staff in-game, you can only do so through:

Convergence Shop
oWinter Convergence Reputation:
Holiday Regent
oPurchase Cost:
5 Premium Winter Tokens

Your Event Reputation can only reach Holiday Regent by accumulating 10,000 Reputation Points through the completion of:

Lost Present Recovery
Gleamite Collection
The Convergence Spirit
Winter Wanderer Quests

In terms of Premium Winter Tokens, one (1) Premium Winter Token costs twenty-five (25) Winter Tokens, ensuring that you need to acquire one hundred and twenty five (125) Winter Tokens in order to unlock this badass weapon in the game!

Winter Tokens can be collected by doing:

Winter Wanderer Quests
Daily Free Gift from the Gift Sack
Daily Free Gift at the Tree of Light
Turning over Lost Presents or Gleamite at the Holiday Hut

With the Winter Convergence event closing in on its deadline of 11th January 2022 (Tuesday), it might be now or never to unlock this precious weapon for your exclusive Adventurer.

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