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Spears are dedicated weapons for the Amazon, Barbarian, Paladin and Druid in the game, and although other weapons seem to be chosen by the majority of the player base, certain Unique Spears are certainly mighty enough to warrant an interest in as well.

The enemies of Hell in Sanctuary deserve to be smitten in order to restore peace and tranquillity for all humankind.

In order to do so, your weapon choices should be fitting for the cause, and Spears are definitely viable weapons for you to use throughout your adventures in Diablo 2: Resurrected.

Believe it or not, some Unique Spears are very powerful weapons which require two (2) attributes of Strength and Dexterity to be wielded, and here are just a few examples of them that are suited for the early-game:


The Dragon Chang

oDamage (Two-Handed): 13 to 15
oRequired Level: 8
oRequired Dexterity: 20
oAttack Speed: Normal
+100% Damage to Undead
+10 Minimum Damage
+3 to +6 Fire Damage
+35 Attack Rating
+2 Light Radius


oDamage (Two-Handed): (11 – 13) to (19 – 22)
oRequired Level: 12
oRequired Strength: 38
oRequired Dexterity: 24
oAttack Speed: Slow
+30% to +50% Damage
Slows Target By 25%
+30% Attack Speed
-50% Target Defence
+8 Dexterity
+15 Strength


oDamage (Two-Handed): (10 -11) to (25 – 28)
oRequired Level: 17
oRequired Strength: 40
oRequired Dexterity: 50
oAttack Speed: Normal
+50% to +70% Damage
+8% to +12% Life Steal per Hit
35% Chance of ‘Open Wounds’
+10 Strength
+26 Life

Lance of Yaggai

oDamage (Two-Handed): 15 to 23
oRequired Level: 22
oRequired Strength: 54
oRequired Dexterity: 35
oAttack Speed: Slow
+1 to +60 Lightning Damage
+15 All Resistances
+40% Attack Speed
Attacker takes damage of 8

The Tannr Gorerod

oDamage (Two-Handed): (25 – 28) to (113 – 126)
oRequired Level: 27
oRequired Strength: 60
oRequired Dexterity: 45
oAttack Speed: Very Slow
+80% to +100% Damage
+23 to +54 Fire Damage
+60 Attack Rating
+15% Fire Resistance
+15% Maximum Fire Resistance
+30 Life
+3 Light Radius

There are a few more Unique Spears which have not been covered inside this list yet, so make sure to stay tuned for Part 2 coming in the next few weeks too!

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