Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Did you know that if you buy Madden coins from U7BuyGames you benefit from the cheapest prices and fast delivery? Place an order now! The weather may be cold but the Madden NFL 22 Team of the Year event is hot. Community votes have selected the winners. To celebrate the occasion, U7BuyGames has prepared some special MUT 22 coins deals so visit the website as soon as possible! A Team of the Year event is currently running. We have the TotY player selection, sets, and challenges.
Madden NFL 22 Team of the Year Event Details

Before anything else, go to U7BuyGames and check out the Madden coins offers! The TotY selection has a few categories. First of all, we have the Player of the Year. He is none other than Deebo Samuel. His card is a 97 OVR item with 96 speed, 97 acceleration, 93 agility, 97 awareness, 83 strength, 96 jumping, and 89 return. Next, we have three selections. The TotY Specialist set has six items. The TotY offense selection includes 10 players. Eleven player cards make up the TotY Defense collection. All these premium items have 96 OVR. They are available for a limited time. As one selection leaves the store, another one becomes available. The good news is that you can also earn the players by completing sets. The event has two types of sets. The Team of the Year Player sets allow you to earn the 96 OVR items. You will need one 93 or 94 OVR, two 91 or 92 OVR, three 89 or 90 OVR, and four 87 or 88 OVR items. The reward includes the Power Up variants as well. The Team of the Year Token Exchange set gives players the opportunity to get their item of choice out of three random options representing one specialist, one defense, and one offense card. This set requires 17 Team of the Year tokens. Three types of challenges are available. The TotY set has 27 challenges that yield 27,000 Madden 22 coins and 108 stars. The Team of the Year Exhibition challenges include eight tasks for which you get 8,000 Madden 22 coins and 32 stars. The TotY Showdown comes with five challenges that produce 5,000 Madden 22 coins and 20 stars. Milestone rewards are obtained starting with 25 stars. You have the chance to get three TotY tokens from the milestones. Another notable reward is a 96 OVR Fantasy Pack that gives an item of choice out of seven TotY items.