Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Don’t forget to buy cheap Madden NFL coins at U7buygames! Now with the Madden 23 beta, we have a chance to see how FieldSENSE feels about ourselves.

Expectations are high for Madden 23, and we now have an initial look at whether this year’s installment will be truly innovative.

Latest – Franchise mode added to closed beta

When the Madden 23 beta was first released, they only saw the gameplay, and now they’ve updated it to Franchise and Face of the Franchise.

Unfortunately, the latter has been bugged and we haven’t tried it yet, but we now know what new features are coming to franchise mode this year.

We have more details on contract upgrades here, and how our experience with franchise mode has been so far.

Madden 23 beta showcases new FieldSENSE game system

While the game itself is still months away, the Madden 23 beta is already available to some players.

This closed beta experience is expected to include multiple game modes soon, but so far, only the new FieldSENSE game system has been shown.

Of course, unfortunately, FieldSENSE is next-gen exclusive and only available to players on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Once Madden 23 was announced, EA Sports focused on FieldSENSE and the various ways it revamped key aspects of the game.

One of the biggest factors is the change in the animation branch, as players have often complained in the past that the animation could drop the game’s ending prematurely.

In the closed Madden 23 beta, initially only Play Now available, a few quick games have shown that some aspects of FieldSENSE really shine.

Stealing and catch animations feel more natural, and skill-based passing is a definite upgrade over the less detailed passing system of the past.

How much does FieldSENSE in Madden 23 improve gameplay?

To see if this set of upgrades goes far enough, let’s break down the various aspects of FieldSENSE and how it feels in the Madden 23 beta.

From the outset, we had Hit Everything, new defense mechanics for Hit-Stick shocks and the ability to perform mid-air knockdowns.

Even with a glimpse, we were able to blow up an end zone touchdown in mid-air with a tackle while the receiver was still in the air, and it definitely felt as powerful as it was in the real game.

Skill-based passing allows for fine-tuning accurate throw placement and power in a way that takes some time to master, but it’s a very noticeable improvement.

The new 360 Cuts and WR vs DB Battles features weren’t quite as clear on our first impressions, and didn’t really shine compared to the other upgrades.

While there are some exciting changes, in the end it’s an inch improvement for Madden 23, as they’ve had yardage requirements for years.

We’ll have to wait and see how top game modes like Franchise and Face of Franchise feel throughout the game before a final verdict is made, but so far this still feels pretty crazy .

Aside from these tweaks, the controls are pretty much the same, and players who already dislike Madden’s playstyle probably won’t find the changes enough to win them over.