Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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As players continue to enjoy the newest features and content introduced with the Winter Convergence Festival, a slew elite weapons have also been added in to game, with the ‘Blizzard’s Fury’ Bow now given the spotlight down below.

Bow users should rejoice after a new exclusive Bow has just been included with the recent Winter Convergence Festival starting from 16th December previously!

Although there are already plenty of extraordinary Bows that can be found at the Trading Post right now, the special ‘Blizzard’s Fury’ Bow is only redeemable if you have dedicated yourself to some grinding throughout this time-limited winter celebration only.

What’s more, there are four (4) different tiers for the special Bow too, each being Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV and Tier V accordingly.

Today, we will be taking a look at the top-tier one respectively, being the Tier V variant, as can be seen below:

Blizzard’s Fury (Tier V, Epic)

oGear Score: 520
oDamage (Thrust): 160
oCritical Hit Chance: 5%
oCritical Damage Multiplier: 1.3
oStamina Damage against Block: 42
oStagger Damage: 42
+25 Dexterity
Basic Attacks trigger an Ice Chain that bounces between close targets (2-second cooldown)
1 Empty Gem Socket
+2% Chance of finding Rare Items from Chests and Monsters

This remarkable specimen can only be acquired by:

Visiting the Convergence Shop
oRequired Reputation (for Tier V ‘Blizzard’s Fury’ to be sold): Holiday Regent
oCosts five (5) Premium Winter Tokens

If you are wondering what it takes to reach the Holiday Regent requirement, the rank will only be unlocked after you’ve achieved 10,000 Reputation Points by completing various event-exclusive activities and quests during the festival period.

Those activities mentioned are:

Lost Present Recovery
Gleamite Collection
The Convergence Spirit
Winter Wanderer Quests

On the other hand, when it comes to the Premium Winter Tokens, one (1) Premium Winter Token costs twenty-five (25) Winter Tokens accordingly, meaning that you will need to acquire one hundred and twenty five (125) Winter Tokens first in order to unlock the powerful Bow in the game!

Now that’s what you call a dedicated grind!

The known ways of acquiring Winter Tokens at the moment are through:

Winter Wanderer Quests
Daily Free Gift from the Gift Sack
Daily Free Gift at the Tree of Light
Turning over Lost Presents or Gleamite at the Holiday Hut

The whole Winter Convergence Festival period lasts from 16th December 2021 till 11th January 2022, so make sure to log in every day before the celebration ends soon!

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