Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Buy Madden coins from MUTeamGo to benefit from the best offers and prices! You must make sure you’re playing with the best team available in Madden NFL 22 if you want to dominate your opponents in franchise mode or online play. However, you must also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each team on both sides of the field.

In order to rank all of the top teams in the game, we’ve constructed a Madden NFL 22 tier list that takes into account each team’s overall, defensive, and offensive ratings. In this manner, you can select which team is most deserving of raising the illustrious Lombardi Trophy.

Based on player moves, player growth, and injuries, team rankings might change throughout the course of the season. Therefore, while some of the following teams can be developed into championship contenders, others are capable of dominating the competition from the start.

Here is our Madden NFL 22 tier list, which ranks all of the top teams in the game, without further ado.

S-Class Team
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Overall Rating – 92
Defensive Rating – 90
Offensive Rating – 92
kansas city chiefs
Overall Rating – 90
Defensive Rating – 78
Offensive Rating – 96
Green Bay Packers
Overall Rating – 89
Defensive Rating – 85
Offensive Rating – 91
baltimore ravens
Overall Rating – 88
Defensive Rating – 85
Offensive Rating – 84

first level team
cleveland browns
Overall Rating – 87
Defensive Rating – 79
Offensive Rating – 89
Buffalo Bills
Overall Rating – 86
Defensive Rating – 82
Offensive Rating – 86
Dallas Cowboys
Overall Rating – 86
Defensive Rating – 76
Offensive Rating – 88
Arizona Cardinals
Overall Rating – 85
Defensive Rating – 84
Offensive Rating – 83
Tennessee Titans
Overall Rating – 85
Defense Class – 80
Offensive Rating – 87

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