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The Lost Ark is an MMO that has skyrocketed in popularity since its release, and while it can be overwhelming for beginners at first glance due to the sheer size of the game and its world, there are a number of ways new players can become familiar with the mechanics and layout of the first few hours of the game.

While it’s true that there’s a lot to do, the game’s questions about where players should explore first and which quests and activities are most rewarding are still pretty murky, so it never hurts to get some advice in order to make an early decision. One of them is to check out Lost Ark Gold for sale at U7BUY today to make your adventure easy and enjoyable.


  1. Save The HP Potions

Healing potions are significantly less effective and available during subsequent encounters in The Lost Ark, so it’s best to avoid health potions if possible, as they can become very useful during e.g. Guardian raids. Healing potions will only heal the player based on a strict value, while HP potions will always heal based on a percentage of the player’s maximum health.

As you reach higher levels and expand your max health, healing potions start to become extremely ineffective, and health potions not only become the go-to option but also become harder to find, so it’s best to stock up early.

  1. Explore Islands

Many of the islands around the map hold some very valuable resources and a lot of homing materials, which are essential for leveling up items. In terms of new quests, Glacia Island and Turtle Island are both great for getting more experience points by helping people out, but in terms of pure loot value, Serenity Island and Golden Wave Island are full of riches.


  1. Make Use Of The Training Area

Every class in The Lost Ark can become a sub-class which will give them unique powers and abilities and help them stand out from the rest of the roster, so experiment in the training area to get an accurate look at the characters.

The training area is located on the back of the Trixion and can be accessed by talking to Beatrice. For players whose primary focus is on being a true DPS character capable of dealing serious damage, the Warrior class is the best choice, while the Gunslinger is a more strategic class that focuses on staying alive while dealing consistent damage.


  1. Finish All Side Quests

There are tons of side quests in The Lost Ark, try to complete them the first time you come across them, as many of them provide a lot of experience points, as well as some rare rewards.


  1. Move Faster With Triports

Players can teleport entire continents by selecting the Triport icon on the minimap, which will cost a little silver. These things become very useful for moving quickly between quests and areas when walking long distances becomes more difficult.


  1. Complete As Many Thronespire Floors As Possible

Thronespire is a single-player dungeon with 25 floors to complete, but players don’t have to complete each floor individually, they just choose the ones they think they’re ready for, and when they’re done, they can unlock all the rewards of the previous floors.

The Throne Spire also offers valuable items, including Crystallized Destruction Stones, Glory Shard Pouches, and Ancient Platinum Coins. The floor is easy to finish when using AOE skills as much as possible.


  1. Build Up Gold By Completing Daily Quests

Not only are the Daily Quests super easy to complete, but completing them will reward players with tons of gold.

Remember to check the daily and weekly challenges every time you log in, and complete as many challenges as you can on the lower levels to accumulate materials, accessories, and the gold you need to hone your gear for later.


  1. Always Take On Chaos Dungeons

Chaos dungeons are gold mines of rare items like Gems, Engraving Recipes, and Entrance Tickets. Chaos dungeons are great for early-game characters, but they’re also especially good for players who have multiple characters, as there will be multiple chances to get the rarest drops that can be used to hone gear or get Huge profits. Each character can complete 2 Chaos dungeons per day, so it’s well worth using them in the early levels.


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