Mon. May 20th, 2024

The newest hero of League of Legends, Blair, was launched on September 13, but there were some problems after it went online. From the start, Briar instantly became one of the metas with the worst win rate in League of Legends history.

With a win rate of just 36%, the developers clearly believe Briar needs another push to increase her chances of success. Lead champion designer Riot August has announced that he will be buffing her resilience in a new fix launching on September 14th.

The patch increases her health from 590 to 610, increases the damage reduction on E Chilling Scream from 35% to 40%, and reduces the cooldown from 18 seconds to 16 seconds.

While not the biggest buff, the slight increase should give her a little more survivability. The developers are being careful here because they need to keep observing while players are still getting familiar with her.

This isn’t the first time a newly released hero has received a buff after underperforming. Zeri and K’Sante received buffs immediately upon release due to their low win rates. Despite subsequent nerfs, both will continue to be used regularly at high levels of play.

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League players don’t want Briar buffs just yet


It’s hard to tell whether a hero is really bad before surviving a week or two in the wild, though there’s certainly some precedent for new characters having to fix buffs when they’re underperforming.

Zeri and K’Sante received buffs almost immediately upon release due to generally low win rates, and both champions will continue to dominate at high levels thanks to generous rewards for skilled play. Even though K’Sante is a highly favored hero in the pro scene, his win rate is still sub-par and despite his average win rate of 45-46%, he’s still been nerfed.

While Blair may need buffs to push her win rate above 36% at all levels and a lower 32% in Jade+, Alliance players aren’t really begging for a change.

As it stands, Briar is the worst jungle in the game right now. And it’s not even close. However, many have noted that this may be due to her unusual equipment and playstyle, which requires full commitment and good decision-making, that is why so many players are turning against patch enthusiasts.

K’Sante’s kit is also complex, however, once players figure out how to play it, his popularity soars. So players will have to wait and see if Blair’s win rate is due to players still figuring out her gear, or if she actually needs more buffs.

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