Mon. May 20th, 2024

Final Fantasy XIV has revealed the first of two new classes coming to next year’s MMO expansion, Dawntrail. The Viper is a fast-paced melee DPS that comes with two swords that can be transformed into two-handed weapons like in Bloodborne. This is also new content for the Final Fantasy series. To have a easier start in the new expansion, you can buy FFXIV Gil from U7BUY.

Producer and director Naoki Yoshida (aka Yoshi-P) announced his new class this weekend at the opening of the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in London and announced Dawntrail at the game’s earlier event in Las Vegas this summer. Yoshida appeared on stage dressed in cosplay of the new class.

Yoshida describes Viper as a class designed for players looking for another dual-wielding class after Ninja, with the two classes sharing dexterous melee gear. Compared to FF14 classes that have appeared in previous Final Fantasy games, such as the Red Mage, Ninja, and Dragoon, the Viper is what Yoshida calls a “Final Fantasy XIV original” and is designed specifically for Dawntrail.

A trailer for the class reveals that the player character will be able to perform fast-paced light attacks with dual-wielding weapons to put pressure on enemies. By combining two separate blades into a two-handed staff-like weapon, a character can increase damage with a series of slower attacks. As a fan of Final Fantasy 9, it reminds me of the twin daggers and staff used by Zidane – but maybe I just wish there was more Final Fantasy 9 content in XIV.

Vipers can further enhance their damage per second with temporary effects indicated by a blue glowing aura around the character. In-game footage, the character performs a multi-slash attack – not unlike Cloud Strike’s Omnislash limit break in Final Fantasy 7.

Viper will be available with the release of the 7.0 update and Dawntrail expansion pack. There are no requirements to unlock new classes through Ul’dah’s starting quest, other than owning the expansion and having at least one other job at level 80.

Yoshida revealed the second class that will be added to Dawntrail: a ranged magic DPS character, which will be announced at the next Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Tokyo on January 7.

In addition to these two new classes, there will be a new exclusive class – the second such class to be added in FF14 after the Blue Mage. This yet-to-be-revealed character will be added in the second half of the 7.X patch series, starting with Dawntrail.

Dawntrail will be released next summer and will open a new storyline for Final Fantasy following the Hydealyn-Zodiark storyline in the previous expansion Endwalker. In addition to new jobs, dungeons, and quests, the expansion will also feature significant graphical improvements to the 10-year-old MMO. View site to learn more news and offers of FFXIV.