Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

U7Buy is celebrating the holidays with Madden coins for sale for all players seeking a little extra help! The Zero Chill event ushers Madden NFL 24 into the winter festive season. The holiday-themed program returns with activities, rewards, and – of course – cheer. We have Limited Edition players, Champions, Heroes, Elites, celebratory Stocking Stuffers, Zero Chill challenges, and much more. This is just Part I of the program. We don’t have a moment to lose.

Introducing the Madden NFL 24 Zero Chill Stocking Stuffers Players

The first part of the program brings eight Stocking Stuffer items. They all begin at 82 OVR and have the potential to achieve 91 OVR through challenges. Let’s see the 91 OVR variants to give you a little incentive to be active in the Zero Chill program.

Davon Godchaux Defensive Tackler

Stats: 72 acceleration, 89 block shedding, 78 finesse moves, 90 play recognition, 88 power moves, 78 speed, 93 strength, 92 tackle.

Zach Wilson Quarterback

Stats: 90 deep throw accuracy, 88 medium throw accuracy, 92 play action, 92 short throw accuracy, 88 speed, 91 throw power, 83 throw under pressure, 86 running.

C.J. Henderson Cornerback

Stats: 92 acceleration, 91 agility, 92 jumping, 91 man coverage, 85 play recognition, 86 pursuit, 91 speed, 90 zone coverage.

Michael Burton Fullback

Stats: 86 awareness, 86 carrying, 75 catching, 89 run block, 89 speed, 93 strength.

Byron Young Right Offensive Linebacker

Stats: 90 acceleration, 92 block shedding, 74 finesse moves, 87 play recognition, 88 power moves, 89 speed, 85 strength, 92 tackle.

Bernhard Raimann Left Tackle

Stats: 83 awareness, 91 power block, 89 pass block footwork, 86 pass block power, 87 run block, 87 run block forward, 93 strength.

Greg Newsome II Cornerback

Stats: 91 acceleration, 90 agility, 88 jumping, 83 man coverage, 89 play recognition, 87 pursuit, 91 speed, 91 zone coverage.

Nick Gates Center

Stats: 90 awareness, 89 power block, 91 pass block footwork, 86 pass block power, 87 run block, 91 run block forward, 90 strength.

Madden NFL 24 Zero Chill Sets and Solo Challenges

The Zero Chill player collection includes four 93 OVR Champions, seven 90 OVR Heroes, and 20 Elites with 82 and 86 OVR. All these items are acquired from sets. To complete the Champion sets, you need five 90 OVR general items. For the Hero sets, you must exchange six 86 OVR Zero Chill and four 84-85 players. For the 82 OVR Elites, you will require three 80-81 players from any collection. The 86 OVR Elite sets are completed with seven 82 OVR players from the Zero Chill collection.

The Zero Chill challenges come with awesome rewards such as 92 OVR Brandon Graham. We have four challenge sets. Each set has 10 challenges. The first one is Welcome to Zero Chill which rewards 20 stars. For the full Madden Express challenge set, you will receive 50 stars. The same number of stars is set aside for those who complete the Frozen Festivities set. The fourth set, Frozen Forge, yields 20 stars. Don’t forget about the Zero Chill Field Pass through which you can win rewards for each level. This Madden NFL 24 pass has 30 levels rewarding XP, Stocking Stuffers, strategy item packs, Zero Chill player packs, and 91 OVR Baker Mayfield. The player is obtained at level 25. The grand level 30 prize consists of Zero Chill Hero or Champion fantasy packs. The program also has boosts that increase select stats for the Zero Chill players. Don’t forget about the presents available on December 25th! Buy now Madden coins from U7Buy and your order will be safely processed and handled by a team of experienced sellers!