Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Are you wondering if there is a place where you can buy Roblox accounts at an affordable price? Your question was just answered because U7Buy is that place! Roblox regularly hosts various events and promotions to engage its user base. These events include in-game activities, challenges, and exclusive virtual items. The campaigns are created in collaboration with well-known organizations for advertising purposes. As 2023 is about to end, we reflect on the biggest events of the year.

Barbie Dreamhouse Tycoon

Barbie was one of the most touted movies of 2023. The Barbie Dreamhouse Tycoon event ran from July 22nd until July 30th to celebrate the pinkest movie in history. Participants had the chance to step into the famous Mattel universe and embody a character in this dolly world. The avatar customization options allowed players to change their hairstyles, makeup, and clothing. Activities included relaxing mini-games with cooking, music, and fashion.

NFL Nickmas Game

The event promoted the Las Vegas Raiders – Kansas City Chiefs NFL game hosted by CBS and Nickelodeon. During the event, players won various exclusive items by playing other Roblox experiences. The Nickmas Pizza Cannon was obtained by completing four quests in TMNT: Battle Tycoon. If you did all the Easy Obby quests, you are the proud owner of a Nickmas Yeti Shoulder Pet. Other rewards included the Nickmas Blimp, the NFL Football Helmet, the Santa JetPack, and the NFL Mohawk Helmet.


This event was created in collaboration with the USA-based retail company Walmart. Players stepped into the shoes of a student. The learning experience included witnessing historical events unfolding before your eyes, doing wacky science experiments, and interacting with art objects. The goal was, of course, to graduate as a top student. The rewards for this experience included UGC and Walmart-themed items. Not bad for a school day!

H&M Loooptopia x Stranger Things

Did you think that in 2023 we would have flying cars? Well, no, but we have something almost as cool that you wouldn’t even dream of 10 years ago. H&M Loooptopia is a Roblox experience based on the clothing manufacturer. And what does have to do with Stranger Things? The clothing company launched a collection inspired by the Netflix series and why not use the Loooptopia experience to promote it? Those who played the game had the chance to collect 80s and 90s-inspired fashion. A separate event to promote season 5 was also available this year.

Dave & Buster’s World

Dave & Buster’s is a chain of entertainment venues that feature a restaurant, arcade games, and sports viewing. The event debuted in February and it actually never ended, so you have the chance to play it right now. This Roblox experience offers everything you have access to should you visit a real Dave & Buster’s location. Players can check out the arcade and take part in all sorts of mini-games. Obstacle games based on arcade classics such as Gridiron Blitz and Full Tilt are available. SuperBall Dash challenges players to a racing game. Play Zombie Survival and see if your team can manage the zombie apocalypse.

Metallica Listening Party

Roblox is so popular that not even Metallica can stay away. The event promoted the band’s new 72 Seasons 2023 album. Participants had the chance to win virtual Metallica merchandise such as a logo baseball cap, pendant, t-shirt, Piggy vest, and cool sunglasses. These items were available in several Roblox experiences as a reward for completing game-specific activities. For example, in Frontlines players had to win a game. In Piggy, they had to make it through the Metallica event map.

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