Mon. May 20th, 2024

Welcome to our Mobile Legends guide. We bring you the guide to playing Miya at your full potential.

Mobile Legends is a massively multiplayer online battle arena, or, simply put, MOBA. It is a very competitive genre and very fun to play.

A lot of players from games like League of Legends and DotA have switched to playing mobile games, and Mobile Legends has caught their attention.

With all those experienced players and the game’s competitive nature, those heroes, abilities, and items in Mobile Legends could be a little intimidating to any new players.

If you’re a new player, then do not worry, we bring you the guide to Miya, one of the best heroes for beginners in Mobile Legends.

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Miya’s Abilities


Miya’s passive ability is Moon Blessing, every time Miya attacks a target with her normal attack, she gains a 5% increase in her attack speed.

It can stack up to 5 times since this is a percentage-based skill. It will scale up very well into the late game.

Moon Arrow is Miya’s first ability. She shoots two extra arrows and deals 10-35 damage and 100% of her total physical damage. It has an 11-second cooldown and is a good harassing tool in the laning stage.

Arrow of Eclipse is Miya’s bread-and-butter disabling skill. Miya launches an arrow stunning the target for 1.2 seconds, the arrow later splits and slows the first enemy target. It is an easy-to-use crowd-controlling skill and has a cooldown of just 8 seconds.

Miya’s escape and ultimate ability is Hidden Moonlight. Miya removes all of her debuffs and hides herself. The ability lasts for 2 seconds and she gains an extra movement speed. Attacking an enemy will cancel the ability.

Miya gains a full stack of her passive ability Moon Blessing after coming out of Hidden Moonlight, this ability can both be used to escape or engage an enemy offensively. This ability has 46,36 and 26 seconds cooldown as you level up.


Tips to play Miya


Here are a few tips for playing Miya as a beginner.

  • In a MOBA game, it is recommended to start with a beginner hero and frequently play with it. Going for versatility as a beginner will hinder your improvement, Miya is a good beginner agent, so we recommend you start with her.
  • Miya has good offensive but lacks durability, she is a very fragile hero. You must not try to play offensively during the early game as you are most likely to get ganked by the enemy team. Once you have farmed and levelled up enough, you can choose to play Miya at her full potential offensively.
  • For item builds, you can follow the guides and choose your build accordingly. Learning the default item build and then experimenting with them is a good way to learn the game. Experimenting with items and skill builds as a beginner might put your team at a disadvantage, after all, Mobile Legends is a team game and you’re expected to co-ordinate and play along with them.

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