Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

U7Buy is a trustworthy platform for buying Minecraft coins gift card at unbeatable prices! The Lunar New Year has begun and Minecraft is not missing the opportunity to regale us with an event. The Lunar New Year 2024 takes the shape of a dragon. We have fireworks, red envelopes, and not a moment to lose. The Minecraft content celebrating the Lunar New Year includes a free map and more packs that honor the event. For a week, players are invited to let go of their usual activities and discover fantastic realms where they will be met with tasks that challenge their creativity and spirit of adventure.

The Monkey King and Mythic Beasts Await in This Free Minecraft Map

The Monday King and Mythic Beasts is the free Minecraft map available as part of the Lunar New Year-themed content. This is a single-player scenario that puts adventurers in the shoes of the Monkey King. He is a legendary figure in Chinese mythology. The story tells of a conflict between mythical creatures. Sun Wukong’s task is to stand against the evil that might bring destruction to the world. You are not alone in this mission. The powerful Phoenix is your companion and ally.

Sun Wukong must help the Phoenix recover from a terrible injury. As you work to rescue the Phoenix, the two of you will travel to various places and conquer challenges together. Each adventure makes you and your companion stronger. You will need all the might you can get to stand a chance against the evil army. While working to save the world and the Sky Palace, you will also find treasures and rewards. The map has many scenarios based on Chinese mythology and stories.

How to Get the Free Lunar New Year Minecraft Map

You can get the Monkey King and Mythic Beasts map from the Minecraft marketplace. The map is free. While at it, don’t forget to check out other maps from Next Studio. This is a well-known Minecraft creator that has produced many popular maps. Radiant Resonance, My Friends, Oneblock Odyssey, Sharp Blade, and Cats Party are our recommendations. Unlike the Lunar New Year map, these aren’t free. You will need to unlock them with Minecraft coins.

Take Part in More Lunar New Year Minecraft Adventures

The free map is a great way to start the Lunar New Year celebration, but the fun doesn’t end there. The Minecraft marketplace has more than 80 Lunar New Year-inspired adventures. You should also check out the Defend the Castles of Hakkas map that takes you to the Fujian Province where the famous Hakkasan castles can be found. The Dragon Valley is another map worth a look.

Discover the Lunar New Year Minecraft Packs

The Lunar Festivities pack contains 11 skins that allow you to dress up in cheongsam dresses and costumes for dancing. We also have the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up pack that takes you to a new realm filled with delightful adventures.

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