Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

I think the best way to enjoy Roblox is to spend hours playing one or multiple of their community-created games. It provides new and fun gameplay experiences that you simply can’t get elsewhere.

So, get your wallet ready for some cheap Robux online and use them to buy special items in four of the best Roblox Games in 2024.

Anime Champions Simulator


Anime Champions Simulator is the perfect game for casual and die-hard anime fans alike. It takes some of the best and most powerful characters across multiple anime series. The story follows the traditional tropes of saving the world, all while enlisting the help of famous anime leads.

It also has a randomized system in place where you can save up your currency that you can, in turn, use for hero spins. Who knows? You might pull a rare character.

All Star Tower Defense


Aside from Anime Champions Simulator, Roblox also has another anime-based game, but this type it has a tower defense twist. All Star Tower Defense replaces the traditional towers with beloved anime characters from Naruto and My Hero Academia, among others.

But, if fending off endless waves of enemies ain’t your thing, All Star Tower Defense also boasts a story mode. It takes you on a journey to defend famous anime-based locations using your own team of characters. Level up and fight your way through challenging hordes.

Blade Ball


Blade Ball is Roblox’s own twist on dodgeball. It’s a fast-paced game that allows you to earn coins that scale the longer you remain alive. There are two main ways to dodge balls. You can do it the traditional way and simply getting out of the way. However, you can also do it the fun way by swinging your sword and hitting the ball.

Most rounds only last for under a minute, especially on the maps with tons of obstacles and challenges around. You can also level up your swords and skills to help you evade balls even better.

Blox Fruits


One Piece fans and long-term Roblox gamers might recognize Blox Fruits as an all-time best game. It is inspired by Devil Fruit from One Piece and shares similar characteristics to the Forbidden Fruit.

There are different Blox Fruits within the game, each granting a variety of powers and skills to your character. Blox Fruit sellers are located all throughout the game, which is why some of the hardcore players even go out of their way to search for Roblox accounts for sale with valuable skills and tons of currency.


Those were my personal favorite Roblox games that’ll surely have you craving for more. There are more of these fantastic games out there, just waiting to be discovered.