Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Love browsing the Apple app store and got some cash from a cheap Apple gift digital gift card blowing a hole in your pocket? Our list of the best 2024 games in the Apple app store should help.


Alto’s Odyssey


We know that endless runner games may seem a little bland to some of you, since there were so many around in the early 2010s, but trust us, you’ll want to check out this one. It is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure which came out in 2015.


This game is a huge amount of fun, and has some of the best graphics we’ve ever seen in an endless rubber. The gameplay is so smooth too. You’ll spend dozens and dozens of hours on this.


The Battle of Polytopia


We love ourselves a good strategy game. The Battle of Polytopia is simple enough to pick up and play, but complex enough to spend hundreds of hours on. There is a single player and a multiplayer mode here, where the game aims to expand your tribe and fight your enemies.


Beyond a Steel Sky


This is a sequel to a game from the 1990s. It is a cyberpunk point-and-click adventure. This means that it is light on the gameplay elements but heavy on the story, and boy is it a riveting story. We won’t spoil too much of it, just go and play it. Make sure you’ve got few hours spare as you won’t want to put this down.


Super Mario Run


It was a huge surprise when Nintendo announced it would bring a few of its IPs to the phone space. While a few hit the stores, our favorite remains Super Mario Run, an easy game to play (with a challenge at higher levels) where you’ll run through a castle, in typical Mario style.


Stardew Valley


Yes, we know that this farming game has been out for years, but it remains one of the best Apple games in 2024. It remains the only game that we have spent hundreds of hours on and still find new things to do. Grow a farm, make friends, mine, and more in this amazing game. Trust us, you won’t be playing any other game for a long while once you buy this one.


Among Us


Finally, we’ve got Among Us. It might not be as popular as it once was, but thousands of people still login each day to this sociam multiplayer game where you’ll be working out who the imposter is. We are sure you know the drill. It is free to play too, so why not grab a couple of friends and jump in?


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